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Creative Solutions of Durham/Chapel Hill

Creative Solutions of Alamance County


In an emergency, always go directly to your hospital Emergency Room.

We are two Ph.D. clinical psychologists who provide therapy, support and problem-solving sessions.

Our services are covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare.


Additional words about us: Who we are as therapists   

AND who our clients are    AND what our meetings are like


Most of our clients come weekly at the same day of the week and time.  Our appointments are scheduled for late morning

through evening hours. We try to schedule appointment times that mesh best with a client's personal schedule.

Appointments are 45 minutes in length, although first sessions are often one hour, and we may talk longer at any session,

if both our client and we are free for a while longer and are involved in a productive talk. Some clients meet with us

biweekly or monthly, but generally only after a series of more frequent meetings.


To keep our fees low and maintain our high level of confidentiality, we need to stay off the telephone, leaving us free to meet privately and confidentially with clients (and to take care of business). We correspond with established clients via text and email.


When you become our client there is no one besides your therapist with whom you must talk at our office or by telephone

(so there is no reason to arrive early for your therapy appointments).

Your own therapist personally schedules all your appointments and bills your medical insurance provider electronically. 

No bills come to your house. You pay your insurance copays from your own PayPal account, where you can easily keep current with your payments without reminder from us - and can see your payment record at tax time.

Our Durham/Chapel Hill Consultation Office

  We have recently moved this office to

3308 Durham/Chapel Hill Blvd.

Durham, NC

See red box at TOP right of this webpage.

Susan D. Griffith, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Sees clients

at Durham/Chapel Hill office on Wednesdays

and Thursdays only

at Graham office on Tuesdays only

Richard S. Cooper, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

sees clients

at Durham/Chapel Hill office on Mondays only.

at Graham office on Thursdays only.

A self-introduction by Dr. Griffith

More about Dr. Griffith

A self-introduction by Dr. Cooper

More about Dr. Cooper

Our Alamance County Consultation Office

24 Court Square, NW, Graham, NC

Office is on 3rd floor, above The Verdict restaurant.

Important to read (Do not rely only on GPS):

NEW CLIENTS:  Click to see directions with

how to get to the office, where to enter the building,

and what to do once inside.

Note: Click on any underlined words to see additional information.



Pay Dr. Richard Cooper through the link below.

Enter amount you are paying

and then click on 'continue'.

Pay Dr. Susan Griffith through the link below.

Enter amount you are paying

and then click on 'continue'.

Making Payments the Easy Way - Thank you!

We avoid dealing with finances during our valuable time talking with you;

Paypal helps immensely with this. 

Use Pay Now links (below) to pay your copays from your credit card or debit card

or PayPal account - on  the day of, or  the day after, your visit.

No Paypal account?  After entering amount and clicking update, as above,

click on Don't have a Paypal account? and then enter a credit or debit card number.

No credit or debit card?  Open a PayPal account to pay from your checking account.


Policy Notes for Current and Potential Clients



We schedule appointments for late morning through evening hours. Most clients working with us come weekly at the same day and time, with some meeting biweekly or monthly. Regular appointment times mean you and we can both feel more control over the other hours of each day; that is, we are both able to schedule other meetings and activities around our regular therapy time together and spend less time trying to reschedule. (A week that an appointment must be missed is followed by a week with the regular appointment time already saved by both the client and  us.)


Telephone Sessions

Sometimes established clients can talk on the phone (but not via Skype) with us at their established regularly-scheduled appintment time - when they are ill or otherwise unable to keep an office appointment.


Individual/Couples/Family Therapy

Dr. Griffith and Dr. Cooper are NOT currently offering couples or family therapy.  We accept only those new clients who are seeking confidential individual therapy  sessions.


  Group Therapy

We are NOT offering any group therapy at this time.


                                                      NEW:  Work-Related    

We do not provide work release assessments and work disability reports for new and not-current clients.                                          


Phone and Email Contact Information for Established Clients

We can check for texts during the day and evening much more easily and promptly than we can check for and listen to phone messsages. And, of course, the private nature of our work conflicts with our talking to you on the phone except by pre-arranged appointment to talk (when we can arrange to be alone).


Established clients may send text messages (but NOT voice callls or messages, unless pre-arranged by text or in person) to Dr. Susan Griffith at 919-260-5894.

Especially appreciated are good news messages and texts with future visit dates sent by a client immediately following each session wit Dr. Griffith.


Established clients of Dr. Richard Cooper may send text and voice messages to him at 919-260-5839  to confirm appointments or to tell him they are running late for an appointment or to otherwise share personal news.


The office number 919-942-3229  is not monitored but can be used for voice messages for either therapist when necessary.


Sometimes you will need or want to use email to tell us something:   or


Relaxation Recordings

Health Questionnaire

Personality Types

Information that is important for some potential new clients to know before scheduling

an appointment with us

(Click on item.)




Payments and Office Staff

NC Flex and HSA cards      Records     

HIPAA Privacy Policies

You may be directed to one of these pages by your therapist.

Where Clients Meet with Us

Interested in becoming a new client? Click here.

Please do this rather than leave us a phone message.

This page was last updated: January 9, 2020

Notes: January, 2020


Most of our clients lately are covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Health Care, or Medicare.

Other plans cover us as well; just ask us.


In response to recent inquiries: Medicare clients need not pay

any out of pocket fees.


Clients with other insurance plans:

inquire about a reduction in your copays.


Clients find that keeping regular appointments with us definitely helps wanted changes occur faster.


Setting weekly appointments at the same time on the same weekday works best for us all and leaves you free  to schedule your other activities around your regular visits with us.  Some of our clients come every two weeks or move to less frequent visits after they have met with us weekly for awhile.


When now and then a regularly-scheduled weekly appointment will need to be skipped, clients text us in advance so we and they have a visual reminder of that schedule change. (If text is not available to you, use email or voice mail to let us know.) Planned absences should be noted at a preceding appointment as well.

If you see above that this website is not "secure"

please know that we do not receive any information from or about you via this website


on the "interested in becoming

a new client?" page -

where all information

you enter is submitted by you to us via


ProtonMail (details on

the "interested in becoming

a new client?" page).


We have moved our Durham office CREATIVE SOLUTIONS

to 3308 Durham/Chapel Hill Blvd., Suite 129.

We are now in Duke Forest Place, the last building (toward Durham)

on Durham/Chapel Hill Blvd Service Road.

Turn left just before the dead end and proceed straight ahead

to see the building entry doors on your right. There is ample parking.

Within the building, sit (to wait for us to come to meet you there)

on the black metal bench that is to your right when you enter the building.

!! Our suite is spacious, but to ensure (sound) privacy,

we would appreciate clients coming on time, but not early,

and waiting for us to greet them at the bench near the front door of the building   (rather than come to find our suite).


How to get to our new Durham office and

more about what to do when you arrive


How to get to our Graham (Alamance County) office

Please use email or text whenever possible.

Prospective new clients may use either phone number given here to leave a voice or text for both therapists and both offices:

919-942-3229 or 336-229-9857


Mailing Address for both offices:

Susan D. Griffith, Ph.D. and/or Richard S. Cooper, Ph.D.

      3308 Durham/Chapel Hill Blvd. Ste 129

Durham, NC 27707-6233

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